Bible Evidences

Opening Argument

"Never make up your mind about any significant matter without first considering the evidence."
Creation Creation

These are the words of Simon Greenleaf, the famous Harvard Law Professor considered by many to be the foremost legal expert on evidence the world has known. When it came to his opinion regarding Christianity, however, it was a standard he long refused to apply to himself - without examining any evidence he had already made up his mind about Christianity, holding that it was groundless and based on myths.

Dr. Greenleaf eventually succumbed to a challenge by one of his students to review the evidence. Applying the principles contained in his 3 volume discourse A Treatise on the Law of Evidence, he became so overwhelmed by the evidence that he eventually became a Christian (see his essay, Testimony of the Evangelists). He came to the conclusion that there is more historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for just about any other event in history, and that any unbiased jury in the world would reach the same conclusion based on the unswerving evidence.

In the following pages I hope you will sincerely apply Dr. Greenleaf's basic principle of first reviewing the evidence, then deciding on their merits.

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